One Salient Feature of each Nakshatra

In this book, we have dealt with each Nakshatra and a dictum relating to it. Every Nakshatra has so many features that it can be mind boggling. Here an attempt has been made to take one feature of each nakshatra and give examples of it.
This gives us an insight into the nakshatra at a very basic level and develops an interest in the nakshatra.
An added advantage is that the examples can also be used for working on other characteristics of the Nakshatras as given in other books of the author.

27 Nakshatras 27 Days

This pocket book is so designed that it can be easily carried everywhere. The fact that it is can be read at all places makes it more approachable. The simple language used with the unification of Houses, Lordship and Nakshatras gives a very practical approach on How to interpret the Nakshatras with examples for the students to get a practice of it. Read More…

Tarot A Journey To Self-Discovery

The Tarot cards have parameters like Symbols, Key words, Numbers, Elements in case of Minor Arcana, Court Cards, Upright and Reversed positions, etc. The meanings of the Cards in this book have been derived by studying the symbols and the positions and postures of the objects and persons in the cards. This book gives the essence of the parameters to be understood effectively. Read More…


Most people would like to read about individual Nakshatras in detail. As each Nakshatra has many attributes, which are defined by the numerous elements associated with it, this book presents in an easy and understandable form the stories and other associated elements of this Nakshatra along with a number of examples. Read More…