I had a wonderful session with Ms Anuradha Sharda this morning , my search of finding the perfect astrologer is ended with her , you will get answers for all your questions and even those which are lurking and leaning on your mind, a very practical guide with no bearing and recommendations for gemstones and other material ways. She is bang on things which is currently going on with you, and you will be surprised on many things which she will tell and relate which only your heart and mind knows.

I Will continue to consult her till i get perfect Balance in my life . Thank you madam for your timely help and guidance.

Happy Reading to everyone there.


Kunal Kothari

Krishna Anuradha ji,
Your knowledge of Nakshatra is of par excellence. Your Kundali and anlysis for me was like a good doctor finding diagnosis and a right treatment plan. I really thanks you from my ♥


Mohinder Aggarwal

After being impressed with few of Anuradha’s videos on YouTube, I wanted to get a consultation from her. I myself is a student of astrology and have a keen interest of it. I started with a prashna consultation and was very happy with it, which followed by a nakshatra reading for myself and for my children. In all these consultations she did a fabulous job. She elaborate all the important aspects of those charts and answered my questions very well. As an astrology student, I learned many things too. Her advice on how to proceed on matters was immensely helpful. Knowledge about energies operating around us helps me to navigate my life and for that her consultation gave me great insight. I sincerely thank Anurudha for her wonderful work helping me with astrology. I am glad to know her and will definitely do future consultations. I recommend her to anyone who seeks astrology services to figure out life astrologically.
With Gratitude
Nuwan Sam ( USA)

Nuwan Sam

Thank you for the consultation. It was very enlightening and the things you said about me was bang on. What was very surprising was that you told me things that happened 10 years ago and you were accurate. In my experience, there are not many astrologers who do this. You clarified my doubts and I will definitely follow your advice. I have finally found someone who understood my chart and I believe my search has completed. I will consult you whenever I need advice in my life. I will be following your youtube channel closely too. Thank you again and I hope other people can also benefit from your consultations.


Shaneel Chaitar

I wish I was an author to express qualitatively, the experience and journey I had with Anuradha mam.

I connected with mam via a strong recommendation, during the most crucial phase and the most difficult part of my life.

Marriage. I’m sure most of you would relate to this. I was madly in love with my ex-boyfriend and my family wanted me to evaluate new men. It was extremely difficult to move forward as I constantly received false hope from him and I had faith that things will work out.

When I discussed about my situation in my life with mam, she showed me a path that I was supposed to take which will make a difference in my life. To be honest, I didn’t like her opinion and I flagged the discomfort. She came up with an alternative solution which was leading to the same path that she had directed me and I can’t believe that within a month I’ve automatically taken the path mam had recommend and I’m comfortable with the same.
I’m so grateful to have her in my life.
Mam thank you once again for everything.
Raksha Shetty

Raksha Shetty

Message: Hello Anuradha,
I’m a Leo moon & Leo Lagna, I’ve given up my corporate life & have decided to do some good karma stuff, like opening a soup kitchen.
As Mars is a yoga karka for Leo’s I approached a non-profit that has been feeding the homeless for 25 years now, 365 days of the year in San Francisco. I’ve lived in the US for over 30 years, though in heart I’m still a proper Bombayite:-)
Anyway, I approched this selfless instituitionfor a temporary job, as getting a license to open a soup kitchen requires me to have a paid position in a soup kitchen for 2 months.
I have volunteered about 700 hours at this soup kitchen, so the day of Mars & Saturn conj I approached the instituition asking them if they could hire me for 2 mths to log in 300 working hours as one of the processes to open a soup kitchen of my own & Valla Mission Accomplised, they said “yes.”
U were the only astrologer on youtube who said nice things about this conjuction for Leo’s, hence I’m giving U this feedback about past good deeds coming to fruition for our benefit & that of society at large.
Big fan of yours, please continue your good work!!:-)
I feel blessed here in San Francisco from your wonderful insights & guidance!
With utmost gratitude,
( USA)


Dear Anuradha Ji,

Firstly I wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2018…. My association with you is almost two years old I.e. Year 2016 when we used to speak regarding collateral/ designs of Saptarshi Astrology. In the meanwhile you have one session on the power of tarot cards on SA YouTube channel. I was the first one who got answer in that free tarot session. Your one advise changed my life. To give a little background I was on sabbatical for 4 years since my child was born. But I wanted to get back to work as soon as my daughter turned 3years. But despite being interviewed by many companies, I couldn’t get selected. One of the reasons may be was the package I was expecting ( little more than the previous organisation). I was so disappointed by the rejection process that I thought to plan a 2nd child if not selected for job. However during that tarot session I asked you if I should opt for a job which is paying me same as my previous organisation or to plan a second child. Ma’am you advised me to opt for a little lesser package whatever I would get (2016). I took your advise all by faith and took a similar job. I must thank you and congratulate you on that wonderful advise ma’am that this company and job proved a blessing to me. I shall be completing 2 years here in the current organisation very soon. Every time I thank God for this job I equally thank you from the bottom of my heart. You came as a guiding angel to me. May you remain the divine guiding force for many who are seeking answers to their many questions.

Blessings be upon you always!
Thanks and Lots of Love,

Mallika Rawat Choudhary

Dear Anuradha Sharda,

Thank you very much for the knowledge you passing to me. Excellent class! Much more than I expected. I like the points precisely explain to each nakshatra. I love Puranas stories and the pictures. I don’t remember any text and numbers, only images and stories. Would be nice to know more about mantras for each nakshatra, and of course what we are allowed to use without parampara, what time of the day or night, how long and, maybe, what type of food should be avoided (for example: if I have Venus in Ardra nakshatra I should avoid any alcohol, because it might make me more angry?? Just guessing. Or you said that it is good to say Vishnu Shastranam every day, but you didn’t mention how to, what day to start, what time and so on. Of cause if it could be considered as a part of the (Beginning Nakshatra class). Also, would be more knowledgeable if we could look at the charts of older natives (not a children or yang students) to be able to see nakshatras in real life. And transits over nakshatras if it’s part of that class. And, please if it’s possible, with explanation like you did with Mrigashira nakshatra Thank you for your way of teaching and for your willingness to pass the knowledge.

With Gratitude,

Marina Litvak (USA)

Thank you Anuradha,

appreciate the notes, as for questions, I am always focusing too much on application I think rather than theory. So, I can see why it is important in the beginner’s class to understand the components rather than how to apply them. However, it may be useful for more than just me to see the time line of when the tool is to be used ultimately so that it is like a recipe, here are the steps when to use each component. i.e. The nakshatras, after you learn their influence at what part of the recipe are they included: set up, flavor, shape? Hope that makes sense. I am awed how the characteristics of the nakshatras dictate the behavior pattern of the subject! But looking forward to know what enhances, reinforces or negates the influence which is I realize above level one! Regards,

With Gratitude,

Charlotte (USA)

Respected mam,

Good evening. I just wanted to take some time to express how much i enjoying being in your Nakshatra Class. You truly are a standout teacher because of your sheer dedication to your students. I especially love how you always relate the Nakshatra’s stories to real life examples. It makes Nakshatras more logical. you are really a great teacher. I love your teaching methodology. I love the way you explain things.I know you really work hard for us.Your PPTs are par of excellence. This is really an honor for me that i am learning astrology from you. I think you are the best teacher . You make me feel authentically supported when you say, please let me know how i can be helpful and genuinely mean it. I eagerly wait for your class, every time you have something new for us. I know you have so much to share. I just want to show my gratitude to you and thank you for teaching beginner’s course and Nakshatra course.

Thank you mam once again.

Monika Agarwal (India)

Namaste Dear Anuradha,

My respect, affection and admiration to you on this important day, I am great-full for all the knowledge you are passing to me thru multiple means and venues. May the Grace of the Devi protect and bestow happiness & prosperity on you. With kind regards,

Nazem Alkudsi (Syria)

I am truly enjoying it, Anuradha! much of this is due to having you teach it, as you are truly a very gifted teacher. The stories you tell on the side of the main subject have been very much appreciated as it is real application of the cards. I have been out of my astrology business for about six years (since my father’s death and much is required from my husband’s business) so this class has helped me to see how I can now enter back into the professional world and how I can bring my tarot into it on a deeper level for people. Thank you so much, Anuradha. Will there be another tarot class in the future where we could work on more spreads and interpretations together as a class? That would be over the top as we say!

Krista Johnson (Hawaii Island)

Anuradha ma’am,

I am here giving you a short feedback on the course. I might come back with another feedback at the end of the course (hope it’s okay with you!). So here is my feedback for now: At first, I was not sure if I should do this course or not but something inside me nudged me so hard and I signed up for it. After listening to Anuradha ma’am in first class, all my doubts about me going for this course vanished and I’m happy that I’m part of this group. The way Anuradha listens to her students and answers all questions shows that she has much deeper understanding of this divine science. She is a very driven teacher and keeps the study group alive and going by posting weekly assignments on fb page. The study material given after every class is fantastic and clearly shows hours of hard work had been put into preparing it. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is really interested in putting his/her imagination at work. Because I think apart from learning the meaning of the cards, it takes your intuition to interpret the spread and give a sound reading. However, understanding about true nature of ourselves and bringing ourselves to stage of acceptance (for life) through energy of these cards is more important for me than making predictions and Anuradha ma’am has helped all of us in many ways through this process.

Sunehali Sharma

Dear Anuradha Sharda and Bettina Brodbeck,

Thanks for the course. Its been a wonderful journey with all of you for last 11 weeks. I learned a lot as a beginner and it needs more effort from me to master this. Thanks Bettina Brodbeck for all the quick uploads to the mediafire folders which is very helpful. Thanks Anuradha Sharda ji for passing on this knowledge of yours to me and make me more connected to myself. This journey increased my self-awareness (as it was stated in the ppt) and understand what my consciousness is trying to tell me all these years on and on. Looking forward for the Nov class and next course.

Lavanya Subramaniyam (USA)

It has been a very informative and nice journey so far, The way content was explained and the attention that has been given, I am very grateful to teachers. I learned basic in a new perspective with example given by teachers how to understand & use a Sloka.

Ashvani Kumar Verma

I started a few lessons and busy and tired with my work, I just started to get back again reviewing the lessons I am happy with the lessons video and the PDF its extremely helpful, I should say you are going step by step I don’t see any confusion as long as we follow you.

Thank you and the team.

Jeyagobi Kanniah

Over delivered beyond my expectations….

I always had great respect for good astrologers and I had few questions I wanted clarification on. This led me to her site and I loved the simplicity in the site and signed up for a session. I loved the way she navigated through the whole thing . She gave me some real good tips. I don’t know about others but I know that one good tip can make a big difference in a persons life.

I am very much impressed and would highly highly recommend anyone her to anyone. Very genuine, care taking , methodical and overall a very good human being by heart. She is highly underpriced for her skills so it is good time to get a reading from her.

Sri Vishwanath – author of 13 bestselling books including The Secret of Bhagavad Gita

Sri Vishwanath

Hi Anuradha,

Thank you again for spending time with me. My sincere thanks to you.

I’m sure you understand that showing someone one’s Kundali to a stranger is only one part of the communication. The second part, which is opening oneself in front of a stranger is the most difficult part, to say the least.

Sharing one’s own problems, one’s innermost insecurities leaves a person in a very vulnerable state. And here is where interacting with you was really special. You listen with empathy. Which made the whole process for me very easy. So, thank you for your patience and empathy.

Again, besides all of this, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. The fact that I have returned to you proves that your last predictions were true. Need I say something else?

Abhishek Shrivastav

Dear Anuradha ji,
Thank you for your nakshatra analysis.
Your website is well informed and easy to navigate.
It was easy to book and pay for the nakshatra analysis service.
Your response was prompt and consultation time was flexible and all the necessary information was provided.
Your in depth knowledge in vedic astrology and nakshatras is great. You were able to untangle many mysteries of my life. The linkage of nakshatras to my past, present and future was to the point and very accurate. All the traits of my personality and character were explained in detail.
I will be certainly using your services in the future and recommend your services to others.
Thank you once again for your services and counseling.
Kind Regards
Harvinder Singh (Sydney, Australia)

Harvinder Singh

Thanks for sharing the recording.
It was really nice talking to you.
I have talked to too many astrologers but the conversation with you was really different one.
You had emphasised more on improving practically rather than giving some other remedies which is actually more good.
Conversation with you gave me more insight about my mind and behaviour and aspects of life that I should look into and improve.
Honestly, the conversation with you was a real different experience.
Really thankfull to you for such an amazing guidance.
Kind regards,
Nitiesh Sharma

Nitiesh Sharma

Thank you Anuradha mam for such a wonderful session.You cleared all my doubts and your advice was very precise and to the point.I will look forward to get advice from you in the future also.
Hardeep Singh

Hardeep Singh

Pranam Ma’am,

First of all, I feel very grateful having been taught Nakshatra course by you. Reflecting back after 16 classes, I write following points which I liked the most: a) Course content is elaborate and detailed. b) Your treatment of students is very encouraging. c) Best part of the classes is learning from the Puranic Stories. d) You give answers to all our questions, even stupid ones, which is very generous. Overall experience in your classes has been very rejuvenating since this has greatly opened my thought process.

Thanking you so much.


Respected ma’am the nakashtra course is one of best,i have attended till now. very well organised, excellent presenatation, great content. All the hardwork and honest eagerness to share knowledge is simply awesome. very pleasing graceful personality As an individual madam has earned great respect in my mind for all above qualities. I sincerely wish to attend more courses in future with ma’m Anuradha Sharda. Its great course and if both positive and negative traits rendered to the native by various nakshatras and if there are any sure shot impacts in any manner can be emphasised in ppt will be a boon to all the attendees and especially lazy like me; who also look for some madaari tricks. I know that this will further increase the amount of hardwork already invested in such an economical course.

With Regards



Many many congratulations on the publishing of your book ’27 NAK and 27 DAYS. I wish to buy it. As watching your video on’ YouTube ‘ and the discussion of the ADRA NAK of your NAK. class The horoscope in which divorce was discussed, was very much true there was too much interference of In-laws which agree the key point of NAK and the lord of NAK RAHU is in 9th H. The brother of spouse made a mistake and insulted him. I am writing this because you always say see the colour of NAK. and the chart promises. I am very thankful to god that I found u as my teacher. You are superb mam. Also, a small request plz share the remedies of the NAK. I am sorry M not so good in writing. May be my mercury is not so good.


Anu Jain (INDIA)

Hello Madam,

Nakshatra course has been an immensely powerful one for a beginner like me. Explanation of puranic stories and their application on charts has been a powerful tool to help us understand the subtle nature of functioning of different aspects of Nakshatras. Amount of time devoted to each & every chat message during every single lecture to clarify the doubts is something that shows your dedication & passion towards educating others on nakshatras. Practical approach of taking charts and let students join in as panelists and predict is something really positive about this course. Regards,

Jai Shri Ram

Hello Anuradhaji,

I have a great experience in tarot, you are an excellent teacher, Teaching qualities that I really appreciate and liked, is, clear voice, loud enough to hear and understand, your pace of speech is very good to get to understand every word. The PPTs are impeccable. Good part is we have the recordings so can hear you every time and get inspired. You are firm, gentle, yet patient, and there is a good flow of information, the description of every card, specially the court cards were very, very good. Loved your questions/quiz on the group, that made it more interesting, only wish we had more of it, as it keeps your mind tingling. Loved the 4-card spread, I really need to practice to get a full hang of it. At this age retention is a huge issue, so have to work harder. Really excited and cannot wait to know more spreads. Bettina also has been a great help and find her very efficient in what she does, though not much interaction with her.

Warm Regards

Neena Bidikar (Mumbai)

Indeed, Anuradha Ji is a great teacher, not only a tarot but also a brilliant Jyotish teacher! I´m very blessed to be able to learn under her guidance.

Mukti Devi (Germany)

Namaste Dear Teacher Anuradha Ji,

The course is very interesting, and unique. Completely other angle of the perception to the Taro. Very clear format of the course, very well organized. It was really the pleasure for the mind and soul to learn in this course. The course I must say, is unique – specially to see Taro via the Jyotish, elements (it opened the eyes) in Jyotish. It was very interesting to overview with the Teacher and the group the symbolic (links with Indian mythology) of the Arcana, the dominating colors, directions, timing etc. Many new clues I learned and updated the old knowledge. I learned the new spreads. Chakra spread is unique and very interesting to interpret. It was a privilege to learn from You, Anuradha Ji, the practitioner of the Taro and astrology. Also, as added value I can mention, the course in the small group. If it would be the idea to make 2cond part for the Taro course, to practice the spreads or the separate course on the combinations, or astrology and Taro – I would attend with the pleasure. I was learning and practicing Taro by myself years ago (never attend any courses etc.). I left aside Taro, when I started to dive deep in to the religion and to learn Jyotish. Now I see Taro in another light and Taro came back as additional tool to Jyotish. Thank You for the sharing of Your rare knowledge again. And many thanks for Bettina for all her efforts in this course.

All the best,

Sigita Bagdoniene (USA)

Thank you very much for your follow up. The course has been great so far, I feel blessed to have found your school to start studying this subject. Everything is very clear on the level that is being taught right now, and all the information is presented in a beautiful and inspiring way; now it’s only up to us to memorize it. Of course it requires a lot of self studies, and as it was recommended in the beginning, I have read Dr. Charak’s books (twice:), I’m reading BPHS and regularly look through PPTs that you send and watch videos. Studying Astrology is a hard work, but I believe it is one of the most noble sciences and even without making any predictions, I feel happy to be involved in it. Thank you and all the teachers again!

Kind regards,

Olga Reeb (Russia)

Dear Anuradha,

From all the lessons we have had I think you are a good and knowledgeable teacher. The classes are interesting and all of you have taken pains to help the students clear their doubts. The course hat been put together with a lot of thought and planning. The Explanations given by yourself are very clear and I am really happy. Thanks for taking all the pains in providing extra help. If I am not very good at this yet is not the folly of the teacher but me. What impressed me most is that for most people financial gains is the priority but in these classes I do not see or feel it.

Sheila Benke (Germany)

Anuradha is honest and articulate. Her communication bears much clarity and earnestness of purpose. She is deeply invested in imparting her knowledge of astrology, which is insightful. Particularly loved her analysis of the nakshatras and her interpretations of divisional charts. I wish her much success.
Dr. Dasgupta,

Dr. Dasgupta

Thank you Anuradha ji for your reading. This consultation definitely made me re think of my priorities and abilities. You were patient with my questions and reassured about my qualms. You gave me simple remedies which I would like to follow for blessings in my life.


Deepthi Kalvakala

It was a great session with Anuradha Ji. She has a very organized and easy to understand approach in
her consultation. My concern was my career. She told me about the areas where I should invest my time and built my career.
She revealed my inner desires which were really surprising. She has given me advice on how to handle difficult situations.
Thank You so much, Anuradha Ji, for everything.


Anurag Abhisekh