The Panchang is the Vedic way of measuring time. Time, as we know, is the essence of life. The Panchang is the most important part of Vedic astrology with influences a given Day. By knowing the parameters of the Panchang thoroughly, we can clearly understand what the chart promises and what future has in store for us
The Panchang not only tells us the good and the bad times, it also gives us an entire preview of our life. It gives us an insight into our relationship, wealth, career, health and general well-being. As the most important query for us is to know when we would be in a position to fructify certain events, the timing of events becomes a crucial method for the Panchang.
If there an area of life which you may want to focus in detail like career, love, finance, relationships please let it be known in advance.

DURATION: 1 hour 30 mins – 90 mins

MODE: Zoom/Voice Call – Online Consultations with a link to recordings sent after the consultation

Recordings of the session will be sent to all after the consultation.

* Please give a week’s time for Anuradha to set the appointment for the consultation with you.

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